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Cloud Cuckoo Land

This is an adult, gay visual novel. If you are a minor, this game is not for you. It contains explicitly pornographic content that is not suitable for minors. There will be no censored version as the graphic and sexual content is intrinsic to the story.


You have a very powerful imagination and a lazy disposition. The unfortunate combination resulted in excessive daydreaming for most of your adult life which ruined your relationships with those around you. One desperate decision landed you in minimum security prison. Your only hope at a turnaround is to sail through it as smoothly as possible, avoiding any incident as much as you can manage. It should be easy to get an earlier release for good behavior. That was what you thought until a very strange encounter in prison threatens to upend everything from your beliefs to your sanity. Can you manage to stay upright and avoid being devoured by the haunting nightmares of prison?

3 MC choices -

  You choose from 3 different people to play as. Evan, Devin or David. Their stories start out the same way (In this release, they're practically identical). But they have different histories which will be explored more down the road, eventually leading to different paths and different ending CGs. For now, that is very minimal as this chapter is mainly an introduction to the story and some of the characters.

Some discussion on this release (version 1.0 ):

This release serves as a brief introduction to the story and involves about half of the characters. There might be a lot of hiccups on your playthrough, if you find some, please let me know. You might see model-related issues especially on the clothes. As I was building this chapter, I was slowly replacing all the clothing assets I have used from a previous project(see guards clothes in the beginning vs at the end). Expect to see this improved gradually especially on inmate clothes that clip so easily around the collar.

This initial chapter is quite kinetic - meaning you mostly read and follow along instead of making choices every other dialogue. The amount of choices you will have to make will ramp up in subsequent chapters as I begin introducing alternate routes and differentiating the Main Characters.

This game is available for FREE. But your donations will help me keep it going. If you do decide to help out, I suggest subscribing to my Patreon page so I can give you a few perks in exchange, more details on that in my page:

Become a Patron!

Available for PC, Linux, Mac and Android

 Details of Version 1.1(Click Here):

A new character gallery is now up for v1.1

See how it works below:

  • Unlock sprites as you meet characters in the story
  • Unlock alternative sprites when you meet different appearances for each character
  • Each sprite opens a gallery for that character where you can access the Image Gallery, Replay Gallery and other snippets of information about the character.

Notes for V1.1

It is important that you start a new game. There are loads of changes behind the scenes that would make old saves incompatible. For instance, a lot of new things are being tracked now that weren't in the previous version. This means it will have no information on those and will not work properly. The new gallery screen is a big example. It tracks met characters and scenes shown.

I'm planning better in advance now to minimize the need to start a new game in the future but for now, it is required that you start fresh.

Read the longer devlog for this new update here:


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

CloudCuckooLand-v1.1b-mac.zip 576 MB
CloudCuckooLand-v1.1b-pc.zip 591 MB
com.cloudcuckooland-1.1brelease.apk 602 MB

Development log


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Hope everything is going well. A bit nervous about the lack of updates since November 😬


Hi. Sorry I've only replied just now. Yes everything is going well, but slow. I'm still working on renders mostly. As well as ironing out coding it into the game. I'm introducing some very mild RPG elements in the next update - inventory, map navigation, etc. and I've mostly been experimenting how to implement that.


The story is amazing  and i love the funny moments.


Awesome game. Just donated a few quid as it deserves it!


Hey. Thank you so much. I appreciate it.


Omg! What a game.... It feels surreal, i honestly i feel like I'm watching a movie. Can't wait for the next update<3


I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks.


Really incredible work, very excited to see how the story plays out! CGs are so well done as well, everyone looks amazing!


Thank you so much.

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Here are my favorite screenshots while playing the game (SPOILERS OBV):


(On my knees!)


(I still don't what his deal is but he looks hot in this still so..)


(I just think this shot is so pretty..)


(He is a blatant red flag but good thing I'm color-blind!)

TBH if you were to tell me these screenshots came from a VN I would never believe you.. it looks like a game that would be similar to the likes of Detroit: Become Human or Mass Effect..


(P.S I would die for this goofy ass man ^^^)


Thank you so much. I appreciate your screenshots with your own commentary. This made my day. As a small update - yes, I'm still working on this. It's all I do on my free time. I hope to post some news soon.

(2 edits) (+2)

My silly little screenshots making your day absolutely makes my day as well! I am happy to hear that this game is still active! I think it's no secret that many great VNs on this site unfortunately get cancelled or get stuck in hiatus hell, most of them being due to mental health problems, unrealistic scopes, or burnout.

So please, take your time making this project! Don't let the pressure get to you and just enjoy the process! I am excited to see the next part of the story and what it entails, I still have many questions.. especially about the true identity of "Aaron" and his role in the story, or what could be the exact cause and reason of the MC's nightmares and hallucinations. My only theory as of now is that these prisoners are likely being experimented on. For the identity of "Aaron".. he seems to be (spoilers incoming ->) omnipresent even in other prisoner's dreams as well (according to Tarriq's similar dream) .. which makes me even more confused on who he exactly is supposed to represent..

I honestly can't wait to find out more!

(1 edit) (+2)

Thank you, you're very kind. I appreciate your theories but I can't reveal anything yet, haha. Slowly, we'll learn more.  I am pacing myself behind the scenes so I won't burn out. I am enjoying every aspect of making it. It's going a bit slow, but very steady. I definitely want to finish it and not leave the characters hanging. That alone is enough to drive me, but also messages like yours. Thank you.



Thank you so much.


Wow, I just played it and i gotta say I'm amazed at the quality of the game, ngl I started playing the game because of the NSFW scenes but the plot absolutely floored me, going back and seeing how different scenes play out depending on what you do (especially with Dr. Kent!) has me so intrigued to see what comes next! Love this so much!!

Thank you !


Can't wait for next update

Thanks. Still working on the update.


Man, this game is definitely good! I really want the next version, I'm already looking forward to it.

Thanks. Still working on the update but definitely coming.


Totally love this game💓🔥 wish lot of updates coming. 


Thank you so much.


Tried out this game today and was amazed by the quality so far! The character design, the sound effects and stories are all so carefully thought out. I am definitely looking forward to the next version!

Thank you. I'm glad you liked it. I'm hoping to get the next version out soon, I'm still in the middle of making it right now.

I have to say I'm more hooked by the story itself, not to underestimate the "visual" part ofc (one of the best I've seen so far). Waiting for future updates!

Thank you so much. I'm glad you liked the story too. Still working on the next update.

Interesting story so far. Wonder where it leads.

Thank you. I hope somewhere sexier. :)

This sounds interesting... I'm following!

I wonder how dark (and sexy) the story is...


Thank you. It gets a bit darker...a bit. And a lot sexier.

(1 edit)

In the gallery there are some blocked scenes, but it seems that I have already exhausted the options. Am I missing something or not all cgs are unlocked in this version?

From the presentation I thought it would be a poorly made game, but it surprised me positively. Despite lacking some polish in the menu design and a nicer font style, the game itself is well done. The story and dialogues are cool too, and the effects that bring the scenes to life are super.


Hello. Thank you for your comment. Also, thanks for reaching out. All of the items in the gallery should be unlockable. Some of them are just variations of the same scenes with the different MCs. If you're stuck, let me know which ones so I could check if there's something wrong with the triggers. Although I did make a simple pass at them to check if they work, it's still possible that there might be a unexpected interaction that would prevent their unlock. (A future update will have an option to show tips/hints on the choices to give a clue on what they give you.)


hi. it doesn't work on windows 32 bit. right?

Hello. I have not actually tested it on a 32bit system. If you tried it and it didn't work, let me know. I'm not sure if the default renpy build is for 64bit or 32bit.

I tried and it didn't work.

(1 edit)

Thank you. I'll look into it and get back to you. It seems I have to specify to include a 32bit build, it doesn't do it by default.

I've found a few possible bugs comparing two routes in v1.1:

  1. After selecting "stop fantasizing" during the photo session, the MC gets to know that the name of "Officer Grumpy" is Arnette. But during the lineup after the lunch and before the first choice at this stage, MC keeps naming Officer Grumpy, and then suddenly changes to Officer Arnette after seleting to stand in Arnette's line.
  2. After selecting "stop fantasizing" during the photo session, MC can only choose to interact with inmates after the lineup even if having had chosen Arnette's line. But if the player chose to fantisize during the photo session, MC can choose to interact with the officer.

Another possible artifact is that during the lunch, there're always a lot of inmates seen eating in the background when MC and his friends are talking, except when only Carl is seen to be talking in the view. When he talks, there're almost zero inmate in the background despite that there're 4 tables in the view, which seems kinda weird. (I know Eric is yet to take a sit, but still…)

Bonus question: How can I get into the route for Arnette's sexual scene? ;)

I'm not sure which you're referring to. (Although there's no full sex scene yet with Arnette.) There's a brief shot of him giving a blow*** to MC(imagination) after lunch. Then there's the scene with him in your bed(imagined) after you choose to hangout with him and be brave enough to tell him how you feel. Both of these unlocks are guaranteed if you choose to fantasize about him in the photo scene. If you don't fantasize about him, there's still a way to get the other unlocks, make sure you at least choose to

  • Reciprocate with a confident stare. (photo scene)
  • Glance at him again. (photo scene)

(If you reach this point and not fantasize, you get a small scene where Mike and the other officer will gossip about him.) Make sure you choose: "You shouldn't take advantage of his eagerness" and NOT "Better not interfere".

Make sure to also stay in line during the inspection.

 (By the way, as I said in the previous comment, I'll be making a small in-game guide that will give hints to what each choice does.)

Hi. Thank you for your message. As for Officer Arnette, (Arnette is his last name, we still don't know his first name, unlike Officer Mike who's called by his first name.) yeah, I see what you mean. There's a portion where the the other inmates and the narration calls him Arnette but MC still calls him grumpy but switches to "Arnette" in a few lines. Although the intention was to suggest that he uses them interchangeable as a part of a habit of only recently learning his last name and was used to Grumpy, but I can understand its a bit jarring and I'll re-read that part later.

As for your second point, yes,  Officer Arnette is only available as a choice to hang out with if you meet a certain condition, unlike the three other inmates who are there no matter what. There's an internal point system that tracks how much interest the player has with a particular character. With Arnette, if you reach that point where you fantasized about him, you can pretty much unlock most of his scenes in this update. (I'll soon make an in-game walkthrough option that gives tips on what each choice does.)

As for the last part during lunch. Yeah, haha. It does seem like they're all grouped to one side. I did actually place more inmates there than the other side of the room. There were inmates behind Carl but at that specific angle from Carl towards the table where Eric sits, there weren't. I guess the shots I took emphasized how empty that part is. I'll keep this in mind in future scenes.

I personally like MC using Officer Grumpy as a pet name and/or nickname, which is how I read it.

(2 edits) (+1)(-1)

I literally just came across this by chance, and I'm so glad I did. Just like everyone else is saying, the character designs in the VN are so good and more importantly, very diverse from body types to faces, even with the main characters which I feel is even more rare. Speaking of main characters, I didn't even read the notes that talked about the subtle differences between all the MC options, I just discovered it myself and I was blown away even further coming back here to read that you plan on developing each MC choice even more to make each playthrough different. Don't even get me started on the sex scenes, (I am IN LOVE with Ed :-D) the premise of this story being somebody that does nothing but daydream about having relationships make me feel called about, but I think that's also a reason why I like it so much already LOL I'm not usually one for horror, but the way it's integrated in the game is so interesting that I really don't mind it. I do wish that you could somehow partner up with someone like Hyungry who makes animated sex scenes with Sims models to make it that much hotter, or even the Average Neighbor, which also makes animated sex scenes but based off real and video game characters and makes it look super realistic, I would love to see Ed in action, but a guy can dream... Anyways I'm sorry for having such a long message, but I really felt like you needed to know that you're doing a very good job, and I love a good VN that makes me horny, invested and excited for more all at the same time, and this one does just that. :-)

(1 edit)

Thank you so much. Your comment gave me a boost today. I am actually exploring animations as well and have done some tests. I do like to add that in the future particularly in sexy scenes but I'm not making promises yet as I'm still in the process of improving the models themselves(they're okay for still images but some parts don't behave correctly when moving. I'm working on it.) Thank you for your message, it really means a lot to me.

(1 edit)

Aww I'm glad it made you feel good! But it's really thanks to your hard work~ I'm very much looking forward to everything you have in store :-)

Best VN game I've ever player. Can't wait for the next chapters.

Thanks. You're very kind. I'm working on it!


Love the Quality

Thank you.

(1 edit) (+2)

Damn these are the best quality renders and models I've seen in any 3D gay game, not to mention how hot the guys are (Ed and Grumpy in particular for me 👀). On top of that the story so far is interesting and I appreciate the attention to details of giving the 3 protagonist different dialogues at certain moments depending on their personality and background. Can't wait to see more!

Thank you. I appreciate the kind words. I'm  still starting out on differentiating the 3 MCs and have a few things planned. It's restrained for now to different dialogues because its tricky to have diverging arcs this early. But to have unique choices and paths for each MC is the goal.


Dev, the 1.1 is good but Not good as 1.0, the talking in Dining hall seems too much , actually Just mention few words is enough.  It seems Reduces gameplay but doesn't say anything that actually matters

Thank you for your feedback. It is definitely something I'm reviewing in this update. There's a lot of exposition especially in that lunch scene, not to mention it's a tad too long as well. You pointing it out helps me gauge it. I also thought there's less involvement from players here overall compared to the previous one and some feedback I've got is asking for more of those.  I'll keep this in mind moving forward.


I think words are repeated several times in dining hall talking, it's important for dream afterwards, but we only need to know eric may have knife then scare someone and go to med , and we don't need to explain why, it's "leave blank", there is no need to spare the room for those words that can let readers to supplement, also when eric in, "our" reaction is completely useless, too old plot.

Oh my god, you're right. I re-read the scene and it feels like I've mentioned that detail too many times, then repeat it during the final scene with Aaron. I'm rewriting this scene right now. SPOILER warning FOR OTHERS - Cutting some stuff including all links of Eric stealing the knife since that is mentioned in the last scene anyway. Thank you for this.

Im really curious what you use to make these, its really cool and detailed!

Hello. I used Blender for majority of the stuff but other software are involved especially for texturing(Substance Painter) and refining the shapes of the models by sculpting(Zbrush) but Blender's recent improvements in their sculpting tools put it almost at par with what you get in zbrush but I'm not used to it yet.

ah ok, thank you for your response!

Love it!!! 

I can't wait to play full ver.


Does anyone know programs that translate this type of visual novels? The plot looks interesting, but I won't be able to read it because English is not my first language and I'm having trouble learning it.

I use VNTranslator, super easy to use. Just install it on your computer and open the game, after that press shift + C and all texts will be taken to the program, which has a floating window with real-time translation. You will only need to configure the theme, font, size and color of the letters, but this is easy to find on YouTube.

Thank you very much for the help I'm going to try it, do you know any video that can help me to configure, the only ones that appear in the search are only demo videos.

Gonna keep an eye on this...


OM! . I can't wait to play the 2 chapter > :D



whoa i did not expect to be this good tbh,

i thought it was just fuck in the cell thing 🤣 but it has solid story in it.

i really enjoyed it so keep the good work

p.s : i love ed he's so dreamy XD

Thansk. I'm glad to hear it.


Congrats! The design was very detailed.  


Thank you.


That was insanely good. Thanks for making this and I absolutely can't wait to see where it goes!

Thank you!


Okay, WOW, I was definitely not expecting that. I'm used to smut with some story to go with it, but damn, this is really something more ! I'm really hooked, and I can't wait to play the rest of the game ! I mean the scenes were amazing, but the horror parts were also really good !
This was a very good surprise, even in this early state. Well done ! I'll follow this closely :D
Night !

Thank you so much!


Loving it so far! The models look fantastic (and I'm very picky about 3D stuff), the dreams are sexy and I'm very intrigued by what is going on with Dr. Kent. Can't wait for the next update!

Thank you.


I'm hoping that this game will keep getting better. and succeed is a fantastic game that I really enjoy, and I wish there was some way for me to select my future boyfriend because I adore Dr. Kent XD.

(I'm not good in English)

Thank you. Yes, I intend to make a lot of potential routes with everyone including Dr. Kent.


the game is so cool, there is a story line while still ensuring gameplay--sex,  but I suggest handcuffs can be smaller and fit for wrist, hands position more natural. 

Wish I can get visa  few months later that I can support you.


plus, I love Evan and kent.

Thank you. I do see some stuff that needs fixing and I'll work on them when I can. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.


I'm quite impressed by this game. Way to go, man!

The visuals are on point. Ed is the cutest and hotest guy I've seen in such games. 

I wish you good luck with this game, hoping for more content and willing to pay for it.


Thank you so much.


Cant wait for the next chapter <3


Everything is so goooooooooooooooooooooooood, the visual part is by far one of the best I've ever seen, the characters are so well made and realistic with even the smallest detail (face pores, beard, the reddish of skin, etc). The story kinda feels confusing because it's still the v1.0, but the premise looks interesting, paired with the visual aspect, it's just too good.

I'm looking forward to seeing this game's progress and maaaan, I'm just too impressed.

Thank you.


The character designs are great! They're not the typical models you see on hundreds of VN's on this site and others. It's like a breath of fresh air, and not only that, but the story really is interesting.

I'm definitely putting this on my watch list! I pray for your success timoteoxo!

Thank you so much, you're so kind.

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